Why Choose Us

Why Choose ACI?

Factory-Painted Siding Company for the Upper Midwest

Aren’t all siding companies the same? Not really. At Architectural Coatings Inc. (ACI), we take many steps to ensure our products and services are the best, and have the longest warranties and the lowest possible prices. Choosing ACI for your factory painted siding means:
  • YOU make decisions We’ll offer you assistance and input, but ultimately, it comes down to what YOU want and like.
  • DURABLE, long-lasting products Choosing factory-finished products means you’re making a long-term investment into your home. ACI’s siding is treated to handle whatever nature can throw at it.
  • PROVEN quality The paint we use is specially manufactured to be nearly invulnerable. While similar companies only have four bases of colors, ACI has 16 different bases for a much stronger and harder finish from which you can choose.
  • RECOMMENDED performance Want to become the envy of the neighborhood? Many have told us how much their neighbors like their home. Check out our Testimonials Page to see what other recommendations we’ve received!
  • EXPERIENCED employees Those who work for ACI know what sets factory painted products apart. Our employees are experienced in this field, and will do nothing but the best job.
  • LOCALLY owned and operated ACI is based in Minnesota, and provides services to customers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota. We’re big enough to do large projects, but local enough to care.

Know Your Painter

Not all pre-finishers are created equally. Know the difference with ACI. Please know and ask your finisher the following information:
  • Do “you” finish a TOTAL Job Site? (Siding, trim, nails, flashing, light blocks, shutters, louvers, caulk)
  • Do “you” supply EXACT Batch touch up?
  • Do “you” have a RETURN program?
  • Do “you” offer ANY color or just pre-selected colors?
  • Do “you” offer all brands or just the brand you get a deal on?
  • Do “you” offer a 25 year paint warranty with a 15 year labor guarantee?
  • Are “you” a coating specialist or do you just sell?

ACI Factory Finish vs. Field Painters

As a painter for over 25 years I have done both… Pay less and get more with ACI Factory Finishing!
  • Perfect climate control
  • Coating uniformity
  • Full board coverage
  • Back of board coverage
  • On your schedule year around
  • “Green” all paint recycled
  • No chance of drips, overspray
Field Painter
  • Wait for weather or push the project
  • Not possible, when on a ladder spraying or brushing
  • Not possible, only what is seen can be painted
  • Not possible, customer loses a huge advantage
  • Not possible, controlled by mother nature
  • Proper paint disposal?
  • ???? Good chance…

About Architectural Coatings Inc. (ACI)

Architectural Coatings Inc. was started in 2000 by Tim Conyard, who has spent 25 years in the painting industry. In 2000, Tim had taken an interest in only performing factory coatings; once ACI mastered coatings only the challenge to supply a Total Job site prefinished was on. Now as an industry factory finish leader, ACI has become the solution for a TOTAL JOB SITE SUPPLY and delivery; a locally-owned business in Shakopee MN that welcomes you to stop by and tour our facility. The business currently occupies a 12,000-square-feet construction facility, complete with a gorgeous showroom. Ready to get started? Call us now at (952) 224-9110 or request a free estimate!